Furey Filter & Pump Projects: Thermal Management System


A thermal management customer was given a mandate from their client to remove smaller contaminates and particulates from a core component of their heat exchangers.  Our customer reached out to us due to our experience in system design and filtration expertise to design a pilot system to help them achieve their new rigorous specification.


  • Reuse as much deionized water to minimize waste
  • Small footprint due to available floor space at site
  • Allow the customer to fine tune the cleaning and drying process by controlling variables such as cleaning time, drying time, and temperature
  • Develop a state of the art pilot system that was both functional and cost effective


Furey engineers attended multiple brainstorming and creative meetings both on site and via web conference to allow the customer to review the design and 3-D model.  This allowed Furey to make changes in real time to the 3-D model based on the customer feedback, expediting the design review process.  A closed loop system was conceptualized that allowed the customer to clean hundreds of parts in one batch, while an automated cleaning system filtered and cleaned the waste water so it could be reused.  A local control panel allowed the operator to control the process variables to allow them to be fine-tuned to optimize the cleaning and drying cycle.  This modular design allowed the customer to move the pilot system to other facilities so that they can optimize the cleaning of similar products.

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