Furey Filter & Pump Projects: Thermal Management System


An EPC contractor that was building a power plant approached Furey to design and build a tempering water system that would provide an uninterrupted flow of tepid water to safety shower/eye wash stations located throughout the plant.  The contractor needed the system to meet the owner’s specifications and required a level of customization not available from other vendors in the market.


  • Outlet temperature must remain within the limits specified by ANSI Z358.1 (60-100˚F)
  • The plant’s safety shower/eye wash loop, located outdoors, was to be uninsulated requiring a high circulation flow rate to maintain the required temperature across the loop
  • Highly variable municipal water supply pressure
  • The system needed to be fail safe and provided with a cold water bypass in the event of a loss of hot water.
  • The owner wanted to be able to remotely monitor the system to make sure the system was operating correctly
  • The system needed to be designed to meet the owner’s specifications for a heavy duty system suitable at a power plant


Furey’s experience with customized systems allowed their engineers to quickly conceptualize and implement a design that would meet all of the customer’s requirements.  By utilizing a high temperature water heater and tank, Furey’s engineers were able to meet the tepid water demand required by OSHA while keeping the skid small enough to fit the floor space available at site.  Due to the large temperature range the system would be exposed to, the heat loads were drastically different in the summer compared to the winter.  A four stage immersion heater and circuit were used to minimize power consumption and prevent short cycling of the heater during warm periods of the year.  The entire system was monitored and controlled via the local control panel and a variety of process mounted instrumentation. The use of a local control panel allowed Furey’s engineers to perform a comprehensive functionality test of the system prior to shipment, ensuring it worked as designed when it arrived onsite.

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