Furey Filter & Pump Projects: Thermal Management System


An EPC contractor building an air quality control system at an existing power plant approached Furey with a unique application.  They required chemical feed systems for their process, but there wasn’t room in the existing buildings at the plant.  Due to the climate conditions, it would have been cost prohibitive to design the systems for outdoor use.  The contractor approached Furey looking for skidded systems with enclosures that could be shipped completely assembled.


  • The enclosures would need to meet all local building codes for an inhabited building.
  • The chemical metering systems would require tote storage, containment for chemical spillage, a safety shower, and have all components and the enclosure interior resistant to chemical corrosion.
  • Maintaining access to all of the equipment and providing outside access for any heavy equipment.
  • Making the skid as modular as possible to minimize the on-site construction.


Furey engineers collaborated with an enclosure manufacturer utilizing 3-D models to allow the skids and enclosures to be built simultaneously.  The enclosure design was reviewed by local building officers and the unit was shipped with full approval to the building codes.  To protect against extreme temperatures, the enclosure was outfitted with an HVAC unit.  Additional enclosure features included overhead light, service doors, and roll up doors allowed full accessibility to the systems.  To meet safety requirements within the enclosure, the chemical metering systems were provided with full containment, a safety shower with an instantaneous tepid water heater, slip resistant flooring, and NEMA 4X control panels and distribution panels.  The modular enclosure system Furey designed allowed the contractor to reduce cost and installation time.

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